Ground Handling Services

HAVAŞ Ground Handling Services

Havaş has been organized to meet all ground handling needs of an airline company at an airport by providing these services as described by IATA (International Air Transport Association), namely Passenger Services, Ramp Services, Cargo and Mail Services, Communication Services, Flight Operation / Load Control, Representation and Supervision Services. Today, Havaş holds a portfolio of select customers consisting of more than 200 airlines whose names are associated with quality all across the world. Aiming at improving its service quality and customer satisfaction continuously, Havaş carries out its operations with the awareness of its position as a responsible and important service provider to airlines at respective airports.

Havaş is a member of Airport Services Association (ASA) and IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC). Havaş renders ground handling services at 23 airports; İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Gaziantep, Trabzon, Kayseri, Konya, Şanlıurfa, Sivas, Adıyaman, Muş, Elazığ, Batman, Nevşehir, Sinop, Merzifon, Alanya Gazipaşa, Ağrı, Kütahya.

The services that Havaş provides with its experienced staff
and state of the art ground handling equipments are listed

Passenger Services
• Incoming passenger acceptance and guidance to baggage claim areas and terminal exit,
• Lost, damaged and transfer baggage processes of incoming passengers (if any),
• Outgoing passenger acceptance for flight and baggage processes,
• Safe acceptance of outgoing passengers to the aircraft,
• Incoming and outgoing VIP, unaccompanied children and special care passenger services,
• Specially trained personnel for with reduced mobility passengers.

Ramp Services
• Meeting and marshalling the aircraft,
• Offloading and loading the aircraft,
• Supplying Ground Handling Equipments,
• Provision of Ground Power Unit, Air Condition Unit and Push-Back/Towing services to the aircraft,
• Interior cleaning,
• Provision of toilet and water services to the aircraft,
• De-icing of aircraft in adverse weather conditions and taking measures for anti-icing,
• Passenger and crew transport between aircraft and passenger terminals,
• Storage of pallets, containers and other unit load devices.

Cargo and Mail Services
• Acceptance of export cargo and mail documents,
• Physical control and preparation of export cargo and mail,
• Monitoring cargo and mail for proper loading to the aircraft,
• Custom transactions of export cargo,
• Transfer of incoming cargo to import warehouse and incoming mails to Turkish Postal Services (PTT),
• Detection of disruption of imported cargo and mail if any, and taking necessary actions,
• Completion of custom clearance of the imported cargo and preparing it for delivery to recipients,
• Notification of recipients,
• Transfer cargo services.

Load Control and Communication Services
• Coordination of aircraft servicing units,
• Preparation and distribution of flight documents (customs declaration, loading instruction, load sheet, pessenger manifest, weather forecast, flight plan etc.),
• Load control, weight and balance calculations,
• Transmission and reception of all operational messages, notification of all related units,
• Communication and coordination between aircraft and ground handling.

Flight Operation Services
• Flight permit and airport slot applications,
• Preparation and distribution of flight plan to the cabin crew,
• Coordination with fuel and aircraft catering companies,
• Preparation of weather forecasts and navigation information and distribution to the cabin crew.

Representation and Supervision Services
• Making payments and/or issuing guarantees on behalf of the airlines to related institutions such as terminal operators, airport authorities, customs, police, etc. against all services provided and listed above as per respective contracts,
• Establishing and maintaining contact with local authorities in the name of the airline company,
• Preparing, transmitting and filing reports, statistics,
documents, etc related to flights.
• For further information about ground handling services please refer to and or contact Sales and Marketing Departmant:

Telephone: +90 212 465 56 56