Pre Check-in Desk Hire

Companies who wish to hire a pre check-in desk are required to be; travel agents operating under Tursab and would have registered with our company. The personnel on duty will need to possess a terminal card.

Agencies who would hire a pre check-in desk for the first time can register with our company by faxing the information on their letterhead including invoice name, address, tax department and number to 0212 465 36 77.

It is obligatory for the personnel in duty to have a terminal entry card or permission notice in their possessions. To obtain a temporary permission, agencies need to apply to Ataturk Airport Civilian Administration with a written permission request. The request must indicate the date and time when a pre check-in desk is required as well as a note stating that it is a customs free zone.

Photocopies of the personnel's I.D. who will be working within the terminal must also be enclosed to the permission request. Prior to the check-in hire date, it must be taken into consideration that the finalization of the permission application may take up to 2 days in average. Requests to hire a check-in desk can only be made upon submission of the permission notice obtained from Civilian Administration.

Agencies will be finalizing the procedure by paying the hire fee calculated on an hourly basis to our company's bank account and sending the receipt to fax no. 0212 465 3677.

Pre check-in desks have lockable doors and agency logos are displayed on the LCD screens behind the desks. Please ensure that your logo is sent to us at least 3 days prior to hire date for us to be able to display your logo on the screens.