Parking Subscriptions

Subscribe to Car Park Fees
Day / Month Fee
4 Days 121.50 TL
7 Days 198.50 TL
15 Days 271.00 TL
1 Month 296.00 TL

*To benefit from our short term offers, you must go to the payment points inside the Car Park within an hour of your entry into the car park with your ticket.

*Foreign-plated vehicle is subscribed to the car park if owner of the vehicle has domestic flights during his/her travel. The customer may complete subscription transactions with his/her domestic flights’ tickets within the first 1 hour of his/her arrival  in manual pay desks.


  • Subscription requests and retroactive rate calculation will not be accepted after you return.
  • The 50% discount offer is not valid for short term promotions.
  • Short term promotions are valid only for one-time car park usage within the specified period of the campaign time.
  • Passengers traveling abroad and having vehicles with foreign license plates should leave their cars to the Customs Free Zone as per the Customs Legislations. These passengers will be able to benefit from the short-term price discount campaigns.

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