Multi-Storey Car Park

The car park is designed to accommodate all airport customer requirements at the highest standard. A comfortable and safe parking area is provided for vehicle owners with top notch service delivered through the latest high technology.

Two elevated pedestrian platforms between the vertical pedestrian access areas facilitate easier movement for passengers with luggage trolleys. With our Registration ID System, which provides secure service to three million vehicles every year, each registration number is checked and recorded electronically at the entry and exit points to provide maximum security.

There are manual credit card payment points at the car park; two at the side facing the International Terminal, one each at the 2nd and red parking area 4th level 2 cashier and one at the 5th level (Car Park Management Center) of the Yellow Parking Area and one with a cashier on the 3rd level of the Blue Parking Areas.There are also one automatic payment point and one manual payment point with a cashier at the side of the car park facing the domestic terminal, another manual payment point with a cashier at the exit of the car park.

Parking Fees:

Car Park Fees: Automobile Car Park Fees: Motorcycle
Hour Fee Hour Fee
0-1 Hour 14.50 TL 0-1 Hour 7.00 TL
1-3 Hour 18.50 TL 1-3 Hour 9.50 TL
3-6 Hour 29.00 TL 3-6 Hour 14.50 TL
6-12 Hour 34.50 TL 6-12 Hour 17.50 TL
12-24 Hour 46.00 TL 12-24 Hour 23.50 TL
1 Month 325.50 TL 1 Month 163.00 TL




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Automatic Payment Points

  • On the wing of the parking lot across from the International Terminal there are two manual payment points with cashiers where payment can be made by credit card, one located at Red Parking 2nd Floor and one at Red Parking 4th Floor, one at Yellow Parking 5th Floor (Parking Management Center) and one at Blue Parking 3rd Floor.
  • On the wing across from the Domestic Terminal there is one manual payment point with a cashier as well as a manual payment point with a cashier located at the parking exit.
  • At the Automatic Payment Points—which accept all major credit cards--the customer must exit within 15 minutes of completing payment.

Telephone: 0 212 463 30 00 4656- 4670