Accessibility Policy

Fulfilling service requirements with the mentality of innovative service and proactive management, TAV Istanbul takes accessibility principles and projects designed for employees, airport guests and stakeholders as an integral part of its corporate culture. It also acknowledges the Sustainable Accessibility approach as a way to establish a safer working environment and a way to better its social and cultural structure. TAV Istanbul operates on the principles stated below:

  • Provide individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate and enjoy the benefits of the services provided at Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IAA).
  • Improve the accessibility infrastructure at IAA and develop the awareness of the about this matter continuously,
  • Motivate our employees to adopt the current accessibility as natural behaviors,
  • Establish effective communication with customers, authorities, stakeholders and subcontractors in order to create common values regarding accessibility and productive results,
  • Integrate accessibility projects into corporate management practices, supervise and improve them continuously,
  • Comply with the terms of contract, legislations of national authorities, legal regulations and mandatory standards ,
  • Enable employees gain appropriate competencies and skills on accessibility practices and contribute to enhance their self-awareness.