Energy Policy

TAV Istanbul Terminal İşletmeciliği A.Ş. is committed to continually improve its energy performance while rendering such performance sustainable in terms of its environmental and economic aspects, as part of its conscious effort to further its responsibilities within the Energy Management System. In an effort to realize such commitment, Energy Management activities are carried out as per, and within the guidance of the principles listed below:  

  • Providing effective energy utilization without compromising comfort and convenience by using the available energy resources in the most effective manner possible, as well as managing those activities concerning energy in a manner that is parallel to the “Sustainable Development” approach, 
  • Complying with national as well as international laws and legislation, regulations, and compulsory standards,
  • Investigating methods of reducing greenhouse gases, implementing such methods, and ensuring the continued implementation of such methods,
  • Establishing effective communications, for the purpose of creating common values and beneficial results in areas of interest in matters of Energy Management, with the customers, authorities, stakeholders as well as the subcontractors,  
  • Implementing the Energy Management System in a manner that is integrated with corporate management practices , continually reviewing the system, and improving it,
  • Playing an active role in matter such as increasing the effectiveness of energy and rendering such effectiveness sustainable, development a companywide energy awareness in the course of production, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy, by obtaining the necessary resources.
  • Assuring that in purchasing energy efficient products, equipment and services and for designs made to improve energy performance, selections are made taking energy efficiency into consideration.