TAV Istanbul Environment Policy

In line with its corporate values, TAV Istanbul Terminal Operations Co. takes and implements all measures necessary in order to reduce the environmental effects due to its activities to a minimum, with an approach in compliance with the principles of sustainability. We interpret our efforts towards environmental management which we direct with a sustainability approach as a means towards improving our social and cultural structure beyond physical conditions, and we embrace the following principles:

  • To implement the innovative service and proactive management approach which we have adopted in Terminal Operations, in an effective manner in the evaluation of environmental effects and in developing implementations as well,
  • To comply with the contract terms and conditions, the regulations of national and international authorities, legal regulations and mandatory standards,
  • To effectively communicate with the customers, authorities, stakeholders and subcontractors in order to create common values and beneficial results in environment and sustainability related matters,
  • To use the existing energy resources in the most efficient manner possible to ensure effective utilisation of energy without sacrificing comfort, and to manage energy activities in line with the approach of "Sustainable Development",
  • To deal with greenhouse gas emissions as an important environmental factor, to research, implement and ensure the continuity of methods for reduction,
  • To implement the environment management system through integrating into corporate management practices, to constantly review and improve the system,
  • To integrate pollution prevention and waste reduction into our own processes,
  • To contribute to the employees to help them acquire skills and capabilities in the protection of environment, and to help them increase their individual awareness,
  • To increase the qualifications and awareness of employees about the importance of the protection of environment, sustainability and the implementations of the environment management system, and to maintain constant improvement activities, which have become second nature for employees as an important component of corporate culture.

Green Company Certificate

Kemal Ünlü
General Manager