Quality Policy

The goal of TAV İstanbul Terminal İşletmeciliği A.S. is to maintain leadership in Airport Terminal Operation sector in Turkey and surrounding regions.

Our foremost policy in creating value to fulfil the requirements and expectations of all related parties by providing comfortable travel opportunity to our passengers with safe, high quality and innovative service mentality in line with ISO 9001:2015 in Airport Terminal Operation sector is to ensure that;

  • All processes required in providing a fast, hygienic, safe, comfortable, timely and uninterrupted service are established and carried out with a risk-based approach,
  • A company environment where the employees can fully contribute to the company in reaching its quality goals through in-house activities that increase the performances and satisfaction levels of the employees is created; while the communication channels with customers, stakeholders and subcontractors are defined and communication is managed flawlessly,
  • Sustainability of the infrastructure/service is provided by using the resources in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner,
  • Modern and applicable methods, technologies, information and management systems are used; and accordingly integration required to carry out necessary researches and make necessary investments is provided,
  • Contract terms, regulations of national and international authorities, legal arrangements and compulsory standards are abided by,
  • Continuous improvement activities that transform into natural behaviors of the employees through the risk-based process analyses and improvement projects are sustained as a significant component of company culture.