Quality Policy

Here at TAV Istanbul Terminal Operations Co.; our goal is to sustain our leadership in airport terminal operations across Turkey and the neighboring regions.

Our fundamental policy in creating value for all stakeholders through providing means for a comfortable travel experience through a secure, quality and innovative service approach in airport terminal operations:

  • Ensuring all necessary processes for speedy, clean, secure, convenient, on time and uninterrupted service are established and carried out,
  • Ensuring communication is managed in an error free manner, by defining communication channels with customers, stakeholders and subcontractors, as well, while carrying on activities geared towards increasing in-house employee performance and satisfaction,
  • Ensuring sustainable infrastructure/service by utilizing resources in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner,
  • Utilizing modern and valid methods, technologies, information and management systems dictated by the times we live in; establishing the required integration through carrying out the necessary research and investment for this purpose,
  • Complying with contract terms, regulations set forth by national and international bodies, legal regulations and compulsory standards,
  • Sustaining the ongoing improvement efforts which have evolved into a natural employee behavior through process analyses and development projects, as a significant component of the company culture.