Safety Policy

Here at TAV Istanbul Terminal Operations Inc., we consider all our activities we carry on a part of our innovative management approach and accept Sustainable Safety Management System Practices an integral part of our proactive approach for our employees, airport users and our stakeholders.

We develop, implement and maintain strategies and processes for the purpose of fulfilling such a commitment and embrace the following guidelines and principles with a goal of continued improvement in order to attain the highest level of safety performance.

  • Providing the necessary manpower and financial resources and support the work carried out within the confines of a fair culture approach, for the purpose of developing, improving and sustaining Safety Management System practices.
  • Creating an effective reporting system by establishing a strong interdisciplinary communication network, in order to actively manage the Safety Management practices.
  • Developing and sustaining strategies to transform the activities that are carried out into voluntary and natural behavior of the employees while meeting the needs of the system.
  • Establishing a structure where all employees from the highest level of management identify themselves with the Safety Management System and feel responsible to display the sort of behavior that will propel the system to the highest level possible.
  • Developing processes that would allow the detection of the hazards that are defined as related to the human factor, and eliminate the risks to be created by such hazards, or focus reducing such risks to acceptable levels, through analyses to be carried out in connection with safety.
  • Compliance with contract terms, national and international regulations as well as legal regulations regarding the practice and requirements of the Safety Management System.
  • Contributing to the employees through training and development programs for the purpose of increasing the individual awareness and competencies of the employees regarding the Safety Management System rules and applications, reinforcing the Safety Management System by ensuring employees take part in such areas where they would best reflect competencies they currently possess.
  • Constantly monitoring the safety performance and establishing quantifiable, reachable and time sensitive goals to improve the safety performance, deciding on the measures to be implemented in line with such goals and running the Safety Management System examination process that will assess the effectiveness of these measures.
  • Ensuring our suppliers and sub-contractors to meet the Safety Management System performance standards to be established by us.
  • Maintaining the Safety Management System standards as set forth by the Company, and ensuring any and all procedures, guidelines and other rules prepared for the purpose of ensuring healthy operation of the system are enforced. 
  • Considering all feedbacks coming from the employees related to Safety Management System as ideas constantly improving the system not as punitive statements and motivating all employees to participate in the system.