Occupational Health and Safety Activities

TAV Istanbul Terminal Operations Co. offers aviation services with an innovative service and proactive management approach, and embraces occupational health and safety management system for the users of the airport and for its stakeholders as an integral part of its business culture.

We interpret the creation of a safer and healthier working atmosphere with a Sustainable Health and Safety approach as a means towards improving our social and cultural structure as well, and we embrace the following principles:

  • To identify the dangers which may lead to work accidents and occupational diseases and to manage the relevant risks, thus increasing the occupational health and safety standards to the intended level,
  • To ensure that the measures to be taken in order to reduce the occupational health and safety related risks to an acceptable level are integrated with the processes and the relevant documentation, and implemented without exceptions,
  • To convert a working order, which is based on not commencing works before taking the existing and potential work safety hazards under control, into second nature for employees,
  • To effectively communicate with the customers, authorities, stakeholders and subcontractors in order to create common values and beneficial results in occupational health and safety related matters,
  • To implement the occupational health and safety management system through integrating into corporate management practices, to constantly review and improve the system,
  • To comply with the contract terms and conditions, the regulations of national and international authorities, legal regulations and mandatory standards,
  • To contribute to the employees to help them acquire skills and capabilities in occupational health and safety rules and implementations, and to help them increase their individual awareness.