Cargo Terminal

The Cargo Terminal houses radioactive material, valuable goods and refrigerated storage units as well as private cargo agency offices.

There are THY Cargo, PTT (Post Office) and Customs Duty Management buildings as well as cargo, agencies and customs brokers' offices within the complex.

Export and import warehouses belonging to private companies such as HAVAS, Celebi and System Logistics are also located at the Cargo Terminal.

Incoming Cargo:

Depending on the airline, you need to contact one of the firms listed below who have warehouse facilities at the airport to collect your cargo.

Havas: +90 212 465 45 65
THY: +90 212 463 55 56
Celebi: +90 212 465 27 00
Sistem: +90 212 465 47 40
MNG kargo: +90 212 444 06 06

Outgoing Cargo:

To send cargo abroad, you need to get in touch with one of the IATA (International Air Transport Association) member agencies to act on your behalf for issues such as bill of lading, fees, packing etc.

For agencies accredited with a certificate of authority by the Civil Aviation Head Offices, please click here.