International Terminal 

"primeclass" Lounge:

Besides "primeclass" service customers, British Airways passengers,can also use “primeclass” Lounge which is located at Istanbul Ataturk Airport International Terminal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.   Decorated with relaxing colors, the “primeclass" lounge offers the highest comfort with self-service buffet options of fresh and delicious complimentary food, personal massage chairs, internet, TV, tablet facilities, newspapers and magazines, shower rooms, perfumes and personal care products.

Akbank Wings "primeclass" Lounge :

Wings “primeclass” Lounge at Atatürk Airport International Terminal –also rendering services at Domestic Terminal- is available for select Akbank Cardholders, as well as “primeclass” guests. The passengers get relaxed at the lounge decorated spaciously which is open 24/7. The lounge offers home comfort to the guests with amenities and services such as Internet access and TV, a wide selection of newspapers and magazines, as well as a self-service snack buffet.

Comfort Lounge :

The Lounge is located on the mezzanine floor after the passport control point at International Terminal Departures Floor within Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The Lounge offers complimentary open buffet, music system with personal headphones, wi-fi, tablet station, TV, daily newspapers, monthly and weekly magazines for guests to use and read to spend time prior to their flight. In addition, other facilities including personal care products, showers and massage chairs are also offered in the Lounge for ultimate comfort.

Emirates Lounge:

The lounge at Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal and Operated by TAV “primeclass" is available during the flight hours of Emirates Airlines. Having an exclusive design, Emirates Lounge also stands out with its remarkable apron view. The little toys given as present to kids, personal and hygienic kits please both children and parents. Pre-flight comfort is guaranteed by TV, wireless Internet, daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, business corner, self-service buffet with delicious treats. There are also other amenities available like shower, masjid, WCs (for disabled also), and baby care room.


Domestic Terminal

THY CIP Lounge :

THY CIP Lounge at Istanbul Atatürk Airport Domestic Terminal Operated by TAV “primeclass” is available for Business Class, Elite, and Elite Plus Cardholders. THY Lounge are open from the first flight of the day through the last flight. Light snacks, as well as a wide selection of beverages are offered to the passengers, and amenities such as Internet access, daily and weekly periodicals, prayer places, baby care room, TV, showers and a children’s playroom are provided as well.

Akbank Wings "primeclass" Lounge:

The Akbank Wings “primeclass” Lounge, located on the Istanbul Atatürk Airport Domestic Departures Level, has changed its image. The Wings “primeclass” Lounge, which began serving Akbank and TAV Passport cardholders and "primeclass" passengers in March with its brand new appearance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, offers all kinds of comforts from cable and Wi-Fi Internet to TV, daily newspapers and weekly and monthly magazines, along with a well prepared self-service aperitif bar.

"primeclass" Lounge:

It is located next to Akbank Wings Lounge on the Departures Floor at Istanbul Ataturk Airport Domestic Terminal. Guests can read daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines and enjoy the open buffet prior to their flights. The Lounge is also equipped with a flight monitor where guests follow the flight information