1. Is there a checkroom for baggage at the Terminal?

Yes. Checkrooms on the arrivals floors at International and Domestic Terminals are open 24 hours. The contact number for the International checkroom is +90 212 465 34 42 and for the Domestic is +90 212 465 30 00/2805.

2. What information is there regarding the liquid restrictions for hand luggage?

Please click the link below for further information.

3. Where are the visa offices at the Ataturk Airport? What are their open hours?

The visa office is located at the transit area on the arrivals floor of the International Terminal before the passport check points and operated on a 24 hour basis. Contact: +90 212 465 30 00/3312

4. What are the customs procedures at Ataturk Airport?

Information regarding customs procedures can be found at:
Tel: +90 212 465 35 58

5. What is the distance between the Domestic and International Terminals at the Ataturk Airport and the means of transport?

The distance between the two terminal is approximately 5 minutes walk and within easy access using the travelators.
Click for sketch.

6. Are there stores at the terminal where mobile phones and phone lines can be purchased?

You can purchase mobile phones and phone lines from the Vodafone agent located on the arrivals floor at the International Terminal.

7. Where can I get an overseas departure stamp at the Ataturk Airport?

The Ministry of Finance's overseas departure stamp may be obtained at desks next to Counter G or at the Information Kiosk on the departures floor at the International Terminal.

For information on duty stamps - 0 212 463 30 00

Note: It is important that payment for duty stamps be made before the passport check.

8. Where are the Tax-Free Offices at the terminal?

You can make tax transactions at the Tax-Free Office located - across counter G on the International Departures Floor. Once these transactions are complete, you can obtain refunds from the Tax-Free Office located in the Food Court Zone.

9. Where are the Lost Property Offices?

TAV Lost & Found Office is open 7/24 at International Terminal Arrivals Floor. Contact:info@tav.aero
Phone: 444 9 TAV (828)

10. Is there a hairdresser at the Ataturk Airport?

There are hairdressers on the both International and Domestic Departures floor.

International: +90 212 465 44 14
Domestic: +90 212 465 45 75

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