Tax Free

There are three Tax Free processing office and three tax return offices on the International Departures Floor. Tax-free processing offices are situated at the counters A14 and D32 before the passport control and at the gate no. 219 after the passport control. To start the process, a customs approval (inspection stamp) is required from these offices for the invoiced tax-free products. The office which the approval is obtained from varies depending on the airline procedures and which luggage the product is to be carried in therefore passengers are recommended to obtain information from the relevant airlines. Following the approval process, a refund is given in TL, EUR or DOLLAR corresponding to a certain amount of the VAT paid for the product from the related tax refund offices depending on the type of invoice. One of the Tax Free refund offices is located within the “food court” area while the other two are situated next to gate no. 223. They all provide 24 hour service.


Tax Free Approval Office: +90 (212) 463 77 77 ext: 3305

Global Blue: +90 (212) 463 77 77 ext: 2790

Turk Refund: +90 (530) 264 21 69

DSD Refund: +90 (507) 769 89 00