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Onur Air and commences Istanbul-Ohrid flights

Onur Air commences Istanbul-Ohrid flights as of April 15th. Ticket prices for the direct flights, which will be launched from Turkey for the first time, starts from €64, including taxes. Due to the collaboration with, one-week long Ohrid tours are offered for prices starting from €249.

Operated by TAV Airports, Ohrid Airport will welcome direct flights from Istanbul, which will be launched by Onur Air for the first time.  Flights to the world-renowned tourism center under the protection of UNESCO in Macedonia will be launched from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Ohrid at 1:30 PM and from Ohrid to Istanbul at 3:00 PM every Sunday. Flights will be performed by Airbus A320 flights of Onur Air.
Speaking at the press conference organized for the promotion of Ohrid flights, Onur Air General Manager Teoman Tosun stated, "At Onur Air, we love launching flights to destinations where no other airlines do. All we need is a little drive. gave us this drive, strength. TAV also supported. We would like to thank them very much. We experienced this in Çanakkale and now we have an occupancy rate of 90 percent. I believe it will be the same with Ohrid, where houses our cultural heritage, as well". CEO Cenk Angın stated, “ is glad to cooperate in one of the firsts that will create a momentum in the sector at its 20th year of operation. As Istanbul-Ohrid flights are the first commercial flights launched from Turkey to Ohrid, we consider these flights of great importance particularly for our country, for TAV, Onur Air and our party. Our goal is to become the tour operator that carries the highest number of Turkish passengers to the Balkans. We plan to organize 22 weekly tours to Ohrid with 23 flights per year. With these flights, we have the purpose to offer affordable flights and holiday opportunities to six countries, namely Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo, which do not require a visa.

TAV Macedonia General Manager Alper Ersoy stated, “TAV took over the operation of Skopje and Ohrid airports in 2010. We increased the number of passengers in Ohrid from 36,000 to 155,000 in 2017, thanks to the promotional activities we carried out and collaborations. Although we have seasonal flights from Holland, Belgium, the UK, Israel, Poland and Serbia, this year in addition to Onur Air, we included Estonia flights to our portfolio for the season. The highest number of tourists arriving at Macedonia comes from Turkey. These two countries share deep historical and cultural bonds. While 19 flights are launched from Istanbul to Ohrid in a week, thanks to the collaboration of Onur Air and Tatilbudur, direct flights will be commenced to Ohrid for the first time and we are very happy about it". 

Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest lakes in the world and the fourth largest lake in Europe. It is also one of the few clean water reserves in Europe. Ohrid is under the protection of UNESCO. Standing out with its authentic architecture and handcrafts, the city houses various cultures, all of which lives in harmony for centuries.

6 Turkish cities are connected to Ohrid
Having the opportunity to fly directly between Istanbul and Ohrid, Onur Air passengers will also have the chance to have connection flights to 6 cities, namely Adana, Alanya-Gazipaşa, Antalya, Çanakkale, Izmir and Trabzon.

The flights are expected to tempting for Macedonian passengers as well as Albanian passengers, as Albania is very close to the country. Tickets for Istanbul-Ohrid flights can be booked via, the website of Onur Air, 0850 210 66 87, Onur Air Call Center and authorized sales agencies.

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