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Three new passenger boarding bridges at service in Ataturk Airport

As per the contract signed with State Airports Authority (DHMI) to expand Istanbul Ataturk Airport International Terminal, TAV has put new passenger boarding bridges into service by completing the first phase of the project. When the project is finalized, the airport will be ready to serve 75 million passengers annually.

TAV Airports, the global brand of Turkey in airport operations sector, completed the first phase of the expansion works at Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal. Three new passenger boarding bridges are set up at the international terminal to serve six narrow-body aircraft. The number of passenger boarding bridges at international terminal will be increased to 32 from 26 while gate numbers for distant open parking are increased to 22 from 16. When the project is finalized, additional passenger boarding bridges will total to eight and Terminal’s air side will be expanded by 27,000 square meters, land side will be expanded by 11,000 square meters and car park will be available for extra 500 vehicles.

TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Ünlü stated: “Atatürk Airport, the entrance gate to Turkey and one of the world's most important transfer hubs, provided services to 61.3 million passengers last year and 3rd busiest airport of Europe and 11th around the globe. TAV continues to make investments in collaboration with its shareholders to offer passengers a smooth travel experience. DHMI has already increased the aircraft parking area capacity on the apron by 42%. Turkish Airlines has made an investment in new cargo building. While our business partners are making significant investments, it is not even a matter of discussion for TAV to cease making investment for improvement activities. We will make an investment of 93 million Euros in total to increase the terminal capacity. We consider making such an investment, without receiving any government grants, as fulfilling our responsibility and commitment to our country. Placing the highest importance on passenger satisfaction, TAV will keep on making necessary investments till the last day of the operations in Istanbul Atatürk Airport.”

As part of the two-staged contract signed between DHMI and TAV in 2014 and 2015, additional eight passenger boarding bridges, 13 bus gates for departing passengers and two separate entrances for arriving passengers will be set up at the international terminal. When the concerned works are completed, 34 check-in counters will be added totalling to 268. Automatic baggage sorter capacity will be increased by 5,000/hr and reach to 25,000 baggage per hour and with extra 78 sorters in the baggage handling system, number of sorters will reach 226. Furthermore, an early bag storage system with a capacity of 1,800 baggage per hour will be establish for transfer passengers. TAV also continues working on integration of these additional systems to the existing baggage handling system and will also increase the number of restrooms.

Terminal expansion works are planned to be completed in July 2016. TAV has the right to operate Istanbul Atatürk Airport until 2021. Istanbul Atatürk Airport provided service to 61.3 million passengers in 2015 achieving a growth rate of 8% compared to 2014.